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Safety Guardrail [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 08:06:42 PM
Safety guard rails is mainly used for separating and defining aisle ways, large work areas, walkways and inside loading docks is always a challenge for industrial engineers, plant operations personnel and safety managers.Guardrail barriers often need to be removed temporarily for unobstructed maintenance or other access to an area...
Spring semicircle tube [$13.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/20/2016, 06:20:35 PM
Spring semicircle tube, also known as soft semicircle pipe, semicircle drainpipe, omega type soft semicircle drainpipe, it is specially used for tunnel application.Spring semicircle pipe applies in tunnel non pressure drainage and ensures the tunnel inner structure permanent drainage unblocked, so as to make the tunnel lining structure of..
Steel Edge Rubber Waterstop [$13.00] China
Posted by Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/15/2016, 05:41:48 PM
Steel edge rubber waterstop is a kind of buried rubber waterstop. It is a modification of traditional rubber waterstop due to its steel edge of two sides. Steel plate is galvanized steel; rubber part is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber, adding various additives and fillers, through the process of plasticizing, mixing, pressing,..
Seismic Isolation Bearing [$100.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/10/2016, 07:27:40 PM
Seismic isolation bearing, as it name implies, is a kind of bridge bearing designed to minimize forces and displacements during an earthquake. Generally, this kind of bridge bearing can be divided high damping rubber bearing and lead rubber bearing. High damping rubber bearing utilizes the high damping performance can reduce the vibration..
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