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Long Distance Wireless Speaker [$100.00] China
Posted by taylor [Gold] on 08/23/2017, 09:53:17 PM
The long distance wireless speaker is used to convey the poker results conveniently at a long distance. If you can see the poker results in one room and need to tell your partner the results in the other room, the long distance wireless can help you. And it can send your voice by wireless for over 1000 meters. Just an earpiece, you partner..
Long Fiber [$13.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/20/2016, 06:06:07 PM
Long fiber geotextile fabric is prescribed by the state, a kind of new construction material that used for civil engineering. And the filament fibers are arranged into reticular through different equipment and technology. Then through the acupuncture craft, let different fibers interwoven with each other, mutual entanglement, fixed and make the..
Lead Rubber Bearing [$40.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/10/2016, 07:29:44 PM
Lead rubber bearing (LRB), similar with high damping rubber bearing, belongs to seismic isolation bearing. It is composed of multiple layers of elastomeric material and vulcanized reinforced steel plates with a central lead core. Generally, the rubber for making lead rubber bearing is nature rubber and the shore hardness of the rubber changes from..
Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pad [$100.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/10/2016, 07:18:56 PM
Laminated elastomeric bearing pad, one type of reinforced elastomeric bearings, is made of multi-layer rubber and reinforced with steel plate through sulfuration and adhesion. Compared with non-reinforced elastomeric bearing, it has sufficient vertical rigidity which can reliably transfer the concentrated down-loads and impact loads of the..
LF40-01 Pressure Switch [Rs.12.00] China
Posted by LEFOO Industrial Co.,Ltd [Gold] on 12/02/2015, 05:35:48 PM
 LEFOO Industrial Co.,Ltd, with professional lf40-01 pressure switch factory, is a best China lf40-01 pressure switch manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.LF40-01 is provided with a snap action switching for higher current capacity, SPDT contact form and switch deadbands (also referred to as mechanical differential or..
led panels for sale Plus Series [Rs.1.00] China
Posted by lyy151q [Gold] on 10/12/2015, 08:28:02 PM
Up to 135LM/W total system efficacy, CRI>80, optional CRI>90TUV CE, SAA certifiedUnique LED panel frame finished in anodized aluminum or powder coated whiteLM80 approved LG Innotek LED, 98.5% lu..
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