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Gasoline Horsepower Plate Compactor [$1200.00] China
Posted by Aocomm [Gold] on 09/09/2017, 02:38:28 AM
Overview:Gasoline horsepower plate compactor is gasoline-driven , used to compact the cohesive force between the particles and friction less material, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt’s compact.Application:Used to reinforce the soil, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt and other materials; roadbed widening project compaction, pavement repair..
Guardrail Barrier Accessories [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 08:13:56 PM
Guardrail BracketMaterial: steelQ235 or Q345. Size: 300 × 70 × 4.5mm, 320 × 70 × 4.5mm.Certificate: GB/T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008.Hot dipped galvanizeMaterial: steelQ235 or Q345.Size: 300 × 70 × 4.5mm, 320 × 70 × 4.5mm. Certificate: GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001: 2008Features: great corrosion resistance.Function: it is used to connect..
Guardrail Fence [$70.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 08:02:02 PM
YunMei offers a range of extremely cost effective guardrail fencingsystem.SIZE OF W-BEAM: 310 × 85 × 3/4 × 4320mm.STANDARDS: GB/T18226, AASHTO M180, etc., or similar standards.PURPOSE: Highway guardrail.YunMei supplies a full line of guardrail accessories and steel posts. Depending upon your site requirements, guardrail..
Guardrail Requirements [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 07:54:47 PM
Ordering InformationQuantity (number of pieces or linear meter)CLASS of Guardrail.TYPE of Guardrail:Effective Length: 3.2m or 3.81m or 4.0m.Shape: W Beam or Profile B or Thrie Beam.Exceptions and Special Requirements:A. Effective length and Overall length see manufacturer's drawing.B. Base Metal Steel Grade.C. Bolts, Nuts and Washers.D...
GuardRail [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 07:33:15 PM
Crash Barrier (also named Highway Guardrails, Road Barrier).We can manufacture W Beam (Profile A), Profile B, and different types of steel posts (C Posts, U Posts, Sigma Posts) and blocks, we can also supply bolts, nuts and washers, reflector, cat's eye, and relevant components, etc.We manufacture highway guardrails mainly according to those..
Guardrail Barrier [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 07:30:11 PM
Guardrail barrier systems (Crash Barriers) are widely used for highway safety and fixed on the side of the roads especially on curves and slopes for preventing vehicles from riding out from roads.FeaturesThe barriers ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupantsDuring collision, the beam absorbs maximum energy by flattening out laterally..
Geomembrane liners [$13.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/20/2016, 06:09:01 PM
Geomembrane liners is also called impervious membrane. With geotechnical cloth as the conduct water layer, high polymer plastic film as the impervious layer, after rolling, hot melting and coating into composite geotechnical anti seepage material. Its thickness is 0.2 mm - 3 mm, in which the thickness of 0.8 mm above is also called geomembrane...
Gzcleanroom EPS Sandwich Panel [$120.00] China
Posted by Wujiang Guangzheng Purifying Technology Co., Ltd. [Gold] on 06/29/2016, 01:42:56 AM
Gzcleanroom Feature: Extremely Low Weight Excellent Strength High Resistance to Moisture High Resistance to Corrosion Excellent Thermal Conductivity Noncombustible High Resistance to Fungi Color steel foam sandwich panel / Handmade Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel Type Color steel foam sandwich..
Ginsenoside Rh2 [$10.00] China
Posted by Xi'an Day Natural Inc [Gold] on 12/15/2015, 12:40:33 AM
Product Name Ginsenoside Rh2Specification 16.2%Test Method  HPLCAppearance  Yellow powderCAS No. 78214-33-2Molecular Formula C36H62O8Molecular Weight 622.87  FunctionCancer metastasis suppression,enhance the body immunity,quickly recover health                        ..
Glucoamylase260000u/ml [$2.00] China
Posted by xuanxuanwu [Gold] on 07/10/2014, 07:02:42 PM
We Supply Enzyme like:1.Glucoamylase(high activity)2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase(2000-3000u/ml)3.Thermostable alpha-amylase(80000u/ml,120000u/g)4. Cellulase5. Fungal alpha-amylase6. Acid Protease7.Xylanase8. Lipase9.Catalase10. Specialty complex enzymes for animalsWuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an..
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