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6000mah lithium ion battery portable power bank [$5.00] China
Posted by shiruibattery [Gold] on 05/24/2017, 08:24:22 PM
Features lithium ion battery 6000mah capacity smart cylinder body Specifications     Battery: lithium ion battery Capacity: 6000mAh Input: DC 5V 1.5A Output:DC 5V 2A Battery life: >2000 cycles Accessory: USB..
butyl tape [$1.00] China
Posted by Kamical Sealing Material Company [Gold] on 01/06/2017, 06:51:19 PM
Butyl tape uses butyl rubber and poly isobutylene as main raw materials and reconciles, squeezes into strip, covered with isolation paper. And coil it into roll shape. Through these steps, butyl tape is finished. Butyl sealant tape contains two types, one is single sided butyl tape, the other is double sided butyl tape. It has excellent adhesion..
Guardrail Barrier Accessories [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 08:13:56 PM
Guardrail BracketMaterial: steelQ235 or Q345. Size: 300 × 70 × 4.5mm, 320 × 70 × 4.5mm.Certificate: GB/T19001-2008 / ISO9001: 2008.Hot dipped galvanizeMaterial: steelQ235 or Q345.Size: 300 × 70 × 4.5mm, 320 × 70 × 4.5mm. Certificate: GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001: 2008Features: great corrosion resistance.Function: it is used to connect..
Metal Guardrails [$40.00] China
Posted by Anping YunMei Guardrail Barrier Factory [Gold] on 12/07/2016, 08:11:30 PM
Metal guard rails for safety is mainly used for separating and defining aisle ways, large work areas, walkways and inside loading docks is always a challenge for industrial engineers, plant operations personnel and safety managers.Guardrail often needs to be removed temporarily for unobstructed maintenance or other access to an area. Layout..
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